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Paid Time-Off

PCA Choice employees accrue Paid Time-Off (PTO) as required by the collective bargaining agreement between the State of Minnesota and the SEIU Healthcare Minnesota (PCA Union)

  • PCA Choice employees will earn 1 hour of PTO for every 40 hours worked

  • PTO accumulation, usage and balance totals are listed on the PCA paystub online

  • Once a PCA has worked 600 hours they will be eligible to redeem PTO

  • PCAs cannot take PTO without approval of their Client

    • PTO Request Forms must be submitted to their Client for advance approval and eventual processing on the applicable payroll​ (PTO Request Forms can be found under Forms above)

  • PTO hours are paid at the PCA's standard wage, and will not be used towards the weekly hourly total for OT​

    • Example: PCA works 38 hours and requests use of 10 PTO hours.  The PCA will be paid 48 standard hours.  The 8 hours over 40 hours are not considered OT​

  • PCAs can carry over up to 80 hours of unused PTO from one year to the next​ (fiscal year ends June 30th of each year) 

  • PCAs who resign or are terminated must cash out the unused PTO earned, up to 40 hours (or 80 hours if the employee worked for 2 years)


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